Meet Dr. Tracy Scott, DMD

I am Dr. Tracy Scott.

Upon dental school graduation I decided upon a career with the US Navy Dental Corp. This decision offered me a chance to serve my country, as well as gain diverse clinical experience and professional growth. My assignments carried me to many locations throughout the world. A career highlight was the assignment to Bethesda Naval Hospital also known as the “President’s Hospital” located outside D.C. I served as Chairman and Program Director of the Periodontics Department at the Naval Postgraduate Dental School. Interestingly, my department hygienist was responsible for keeping the “smile looking great” for the Clintons during this time. At this teaching hospital, we were involved in the specialty training of new military dentists. We were also dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of many of our wounded warriors. Our absolute focus was on helping these most deserving patients, but in retrospect, I was the one who benefitted the most by expanding my scope of advanced surgical skills. It was this assignment that shaped my treatment philosophy.

After 30 years of military service and 14 moves, my final assignment was at the Bangor base. Having travelled to many places in the Navy, the Northwest immediately captured me with its natural beauty. But it was the wonderful people that sold me on making the Northwest my final home. I am ready to share my many years of clinical experience with the people of this magnificent area at Silverdale Dental Center.

On weekends, you can find me hiking with my black lab, kayaking in the Sound, and fishing for salmon. During off time, I also volunteer with local charity groups to provided free dental care to families in need. My wife, Michelee, and I continue to explore this part of the country at every opportunity and to work to become part of the local community.

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