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Save Infected Teeth with Root Canal Therapy

The pulp of your teeth can become infected and in order to save your tooth, a root canal must be performed. The infected tissue is removed, the canals cleaned and filled, and a new crown is placed to restore function, comfort and appearance.

Same Day Emergency Dental Care to Stop Pain and Preserve Oral Health

When you have a severe toothache or fracture you need immediate treatment. Urgent care relieves your discomfort, prevents your condition from worsening, and gets you back on the path to wellness. We offer same day emergency appointments to ensure you get treatments.

When a tooth is knocked out, you have a small window of opportunity for preimplantation. Retrieve the tooth by the crown and put it back in its socket, if possible. If not, store it in milk or saliva for transport. Please contact our office so that we can expect you and give you further instructions.

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