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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

If you want your teeth whitened Silverdale Dental Center has the perfect solution for you. Over-the-counter whitening options are never as effective as a visit to the dentist, but we also realize patients want to whiten their teeth at their own convenience without spending too much money and taking numerous trips to the dental office. We offer effective bleaching systems that can be worn at home after only two visits to our office.

Our method uses custom fitted trays and a bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth two times a day. The only fees include an impression appointment, and the bleach trays and gel. If you want an enhanced smile, look to further! Silverdale Dental Center bleaching methods will fit your own schedule with this cost-effective and successful procedure.

Bleaching System Options:

Silverdale Dental Center offers two types of bleaching systems: Nite White by Discus Dental and treswhite by Opalescence. We can discuss these options with you and decide which brand is best to suit your needs. The process is completely safe, optional for a wide range of patients, and effective within the first application.

Nite White:

Results are seen after the first day of using Nite White. With such great outcomes, Nite White has become our most popular method for whitening teeth. This fast and safe solution will achieve remarkable whitening effects within only 10 days of using the application.

Nite White uses carbamide peroxide, an oral antiseptic used in tooth whitening agents, in a tasty Peppermint Cream flavored gel. This active ingredient is FDA approved and highly recommended for efficient whitening methods. Depending on your teeth discoloration, Nite White is available in certain concentrations and strengths.

Nite White works by applying the gel inside the bleaching trays before bed every night. The overnight approach achieves optimal results at a rapid pace.

Day White is also available to patients who prefer teeth whitening methods during the daytime. Day White requires a 30 minute application twice a day.

  1. Instructions for Nite White are easy to follow:
  2. Finish your routine brushing and flossing before bed
  3. Place the mixing nozzle on the syringe
  4. Apply the gel to every tooth indent of the bleaching tray
  5. Add one calibrated dose from the syringe to the tray per night
  6. Place the tray inside the mouth
  7. Make sure most of the gel remains in the tray when positioning the tray onto the teeth. Some excess gel is normal
  8. When finished, clean each tray with cold water and store in a dry, cool place

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a visit with the Silverdale Dental Center and give your pearly whites the shine you always wanted. Within less than two weeks, the Nite White process is complete and consistently satisfactory. The process is simple, full proof and safe. Don’t spend money on weak store bought bleaching methods when the best approach is right here at the Silverdale Dental Center. Within only a few days, you’ll have an effortless and dazzling smile that is irresistible to show off!

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