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Meet Our Team
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Our Dental Hygienists

Ashley, Farin,
Katie, Laurie, Marilu, Michelle

Our highly qualified dental hygienists are trained, licensed professionals who assist patients with preventative dentistry and dental care education. While dental hygienists are typically the teeth cleaning specialists, they also provide oral hygiene instruction, take and develop dental X-rays, apply cavity-preventive agents such as fluorides and sealants, and provide some types of periodontal (gum disease) therapy.

Our Clinical Assistants

Aileen, Andrea, Bri, Briaunna, Brittany, Chandra, Courtney, Dayna, Emily, Hollie, Lindsey, Lupe, Madison, McKenzie, Monica, Ruthie

Our clinical assistants provide support and other dental services under the instruction and supervision of a dentist. Dentists rely greatly on the skill of a dental assistant to perform safe and accurate work. Our clinical assistants perform a variety of duties, but most importantly, they work hard to make your dental visits as gentle and comfortable as possible. They help by preparing patients and their dental records before treatment and by making patients comfortable during treatment. As our dentists examine and treat patients, our clinical assistants pass the dentists the proper instruments and materials for each dental procedure. Assistants  are also a great source for post-operative and general oral health care, and other clinical duties include charting patient treatments, polishing teeth, processing dental X-ray film, sterilizing and disinfecting instruments, preparing dental filling material, taking impressions and making casts of teeth.

Our Office Staff

Director of Operations – Terry

Billing Department – Danielle, Carrie, April

Front of House Manager – Glenda

Patient Care Coordinators – Abby, Betsy, Dani, Jolene, Kourtni, Kristin, Lisa, Vicki

Our experienced office staff at Silverdale Dental Center are here to welcome you and help with any questions you may have regarding your treatment plans, payment information, and appointment scheduling. If you need help financing your treatment, feel free to ask them about CareCredit and how to apply. Our office staff forms the efficient foundation of our practice at Silverdale Dental Center, and allows the dentists and dental hygienists to spend more time focusing on our patients and their smiles.

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