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Silverdale Dental Center places dental implants, mini-dental implants and implant supported dentures

The problem with many tooth restoration options, dentures, in particular, is that they are a temporary, removable prosthetic. While a denture may look like your natural teeth, they will not feel like your natural teeth. In fact, the majority of denture wearers have issues with stability, comfort and bone health. For a permanent restoration, visit Silverdale Dental Center. We can provide you with advantages only available with traditional or mini-dental implants in Silverdale, WA.

A dental implant is a device designed to replace missing teeth. It is made out of titanium and is surgically placed into the jawbone where the tooth is missing.

Dental implants will make your smile feel and look as natural as ever. In areas where there are missing or severely damaged teeth, dental implants can easily vanish any awkward gaps, making your smile look fresh and renewed. Implants are long-lasting, which also makes them a cost-effective option for replacing teeth. Crowns, conventional bridges, and dentures aren’t the only options for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants will make these fixtures more stable and comfortable in the mouth. Since implants are effective, secure, and extremely durable, they will keep you smiling every day.

How It Works

Dental implants are made of titanium to ensure a strong and stable foundation for false teeth. The implants are surgically set into the jawbone where a tooth is missing. Then, a denture or any replacement teeth and bridges securely fit on top of the implant. The implant is fused to the jawbone through the process of osseointegration. Stability is added in between replacement teeth and the jaw bone due to a dental implant procedure. The practice has become a common method for securing replacement teeth and hiding any tooth gaps in the mouth. Thanks to dental implants, all of these issues are much more effortless and easier to handle. Surgery can seem scary, but dental implants have the highest success rate of any surgically implanted device of medical practices. There is no need to fear, and numerous benefits to look forward to.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

There is a wide range of benefits to dental implants other than simply replacing a missing tooth. For example, the implant will help maintain proper bone levels, support over-dentures, and keep the mouth feeling natural and comfortable when a real tooth is missing. The prevention of bone loss makes dental implants a huge success for patients with missing teeth, who can often suffer from bone deterioration. Since the titanium material is lightweight, durable, and biocompatible, the implants will go unnoticed on a daily basis, making it easy to forget they are there. If taken care of properly, dental implants can last up to several decades – now that’s effective!

At Silverdale, experienced dentists will safely place dental implants into any gap in the mouth. Patients will find the results to be very comfortable and unnoticeable to others. Dental implants have greatly changed dentist practices in a positive way, and they can for you too. The surgery won’t take more than a day and we have a great support system of dentists and assistants to get your through the procedure. Similar to a regular filling, dental implants induce little to no pain, and recovery is quick and easy.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with us now to gain the comfort and health benefits you always wanted. Dental implants will provide you with high-tech teeth that will last with you through the ages. Plus, your smile will look bright and radiant, adding to a confidence that might have been lost due to missing teeth.

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