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Invisalign® is quickly becoming the most popular teeth-straightening method for teens and adults. Braces were typically the most common approach to proper teeth alignment, but now Invisalign® offers an easier method with numerous benefits. Our Invisalign® application will keep you and your family happy, healthy, and confident during the teeth straightening process.

What is Invisalign®

Invisalign® is a series of clear aligners used as an alternative to braces, and are similar to a retainer as they are easily removed and remain virtually unseen to others. The patient will receive their clear plastic, custom-fit molds every two weeks to help adjust the teeth at an efficient pace. Patients can enjoy the benefits of teeth straightening without anyone else knowing their secret. The Invisalign® approach is just as effective as traditional braces and provides even more benefits than their metal counterparts.

Invisalign® Benefits

Since Invisalign® molds are made of smooth plastic, they will not hurt or irritate the tongue and gums the way that sharp metal braces can. The molds are easily taken out, so a patient can enjoy eating and drinking whatever they want during the realignment process. This also means that brushing and flossing routines do not need to be adjusted to suit the needs of Invisalign®. Best of all, Invisalign® is a clear alternative to braces that fits seamlessly and discreetly onto the teeth, so that teens and adults do not need to be embarrassed about their desire to have a straighter set of teeth.

Teeth straightening will benefit a healthy mouth in more than just appearance, and teeth realignment is important for multiple reasons: straight teeth make brushing easier, which reduces the risk of plaque buildup, and with less plaque buildup the risk of gum disease is greatly decreased.

Silverdale Dental Center is devoted to teaching teens the importance of dentistry procedures and the advantages to keeping teeth in good shape with routine brushing, regular checkups, and approaches to teeth realignment and other procedures. We offer a warm environment where any former anxiety is eliminated when visiting the dentist. Plus, with processes like Invisalign®, teens will be happy to see results without comprising their appearance or lifestyle.

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