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Sedation Dentistry for Children
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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is commonly referred to as laughing gas. Nitrous is a blend of two gasses, oxygen, and nitrous, and provides mild sedation during dental procedures. The gas is breathed in through a small mask placed over the child’s nose. The gas takes effect quickly through normal breathing and is cleared from the body quickly after it is turned off. It allows your child to relax during the dental procedure while remaining fully conscious and awake.

Prior to the use of nitrous oxide please notify our office of:

  • Any changes in their health history or medications.
  • Any recent or current ear infections, nasal congestion, or respiratory conditions.

Conscious Sedation

Children that are very young, apprehensive or have special needs often require a slightly stronger level of sedation to allow dental treatment to be completed safely and comfortably. Conscious sedation allows your child to become drowsy or possibly fall asleep, but remain conscious and maintain all refluxes throughout the procedure.

There are a variety of medications that can be used and the doctor will recommend the best medication for your child based on their medical history and the dental treatment required.

Prior to your child’s conscious sedation appointment please:

  • Notify Silverdale Dental Center immediately of any changes in health. A cough, cold, ear infection, or fever can often interfere with the safety of the sedation and your child will need to be rescheduled.
  • Notify Silverdale Dental Center of any changes in medications or any recent allergies.
  • Dress your child in loose-fitting, comfortable clothes.
  • Ensure your child has had nothing to eat or drink in the last six hours. If your child takes a daily medication, discuss with your doctor their recommendations on how to safely take it while ensuring a safe sedation.
  • A legal guardian must remain in the office the entire length of the sedation and the child must be with an adult for the remainder of the day to ensure the medication has worn off prior to any activity.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is the deepest level of sedation and is used for most medical surgeries. It can be done in a hospital, surgery center, or an in-office setting. An anesthesiologist will be administering all medications and monitoring the child throughout the procedure while the dentist is able to safely provide all necessary dental treatment at one appointment.

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