Have you met Dr. Tina Olsson? • Silverdale, WA

Have you met Dr. Tina Olsson?

Have you met Dr. Tina Olsson?


Provider Spotlight: Dr. Tina Olsson

Have you met our endodontist Dr. Tina Olsson? She has become a regular part of our team at Silverdale Dental Center over the past year and we are excited to announce she will be here even more in the coming months. Dr. Olsson specializes in Root Canal treatments and we are so lucky to have her as a part of our Silverdale Dental Center family! You can read her bio on our website http://www.silverdaledentalcenter.com/tina-olsson-dds/   but we also thought we would ask her some fun questions to let our patients get to know her a little better!

Describe your perfect Saturday

Dr. Tina Olsson:     A perfect Saturday morning is one where I have no obligations and don’t need to go anywhere.  I like to wake up early, but slow. Snuggle a baby or two.  Do a fun yard project with my man. Take a nice long stroll with the kids, maybe to the park, and then ditch them for date night!

What is your favorite junk food?

Dr. Tina Olsson: My favorite junk food is anything that combines salt and grease.

What is your best memory from your time serving as a dentist in the US Army?

Dr. Tina Olsson: My best Army memory…..I met my husband in a San Antonio Bivouac.  He had unnecessarily painted his face in camo colors and put twigs in his Kevlar.  It was annoying and charming.  The Army introduced me to good people who know how to turn chores into a whole lot of fun.  I am thankful.

Where was the most interesting place you have ever traveled to?

Dr. Tina Olsson:  Oh man.  I have been everywhere.  Really.  Everywhere.  My favorite place of all is my tiny fenced yard here in Puget Sound.  The most interesting place was my dad’s hometown in New Zealand.  It was fun seeing the places that grew him up.  I got to see his old school, the rivers he talked about and the field that his horse, Bluey I think, use to graze.

What is on your bucket list of places to visit or activities to try?

Dr. Tina Olsson: My bucket list? I don’t usually make one.  I’ve run into the best opportunities when I wasn’t looking.  I am excited to join Dr. Phillips in Nepal! 

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