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You Can Restore the Beauty of Your Smile with Dental Implants
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Silverdale Dental Center places dental implants, mini-dental implants and implant supported dentures

The problem with many tooth restoration options, dentures in particular, is that they are a temporary, removable prosthetic. While a denture may look like your natural teeth, they will not feel like your natural teeth. In fact, the majority of denture wearers have issues with stability, comfort and bone health. For a permanent restoration, visit Silverdale Dental Center. We can provide you with advantages only available with traditional or mini-dental implants in Silverdale, WA.

Even Greater Choices for a Gorgeous Smile with Mini-Dental Implants

We also offer mini-dental implants. Similar to traditional dental implants, mini-dental implants provide you with a permanent, stable tooth restoration. However, their smaller dimensions allow our doctors to place them often in one visit, also resulting in reduced recovery time for you.

Implant Supported Dentures Combine Stability with Affordability

When traditional implants are not the right solution for your unique needs, whether due to budget constraints or bone volume deficiency, implant supported dentures can beautifully replace a full arch of missing teeth. Using only a few strategically placed implants, our doctors can use a ball-retained or bar-retained method to keep your removable dentures in place.

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