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Silverdale Dental Center offers all types of tooth extraction, including extractions for children

Our number one priority is to preserve your teeth. Extractions are only considered after every other option has been discussed, yet in some cases, it is necessary to remove a tooth. Our doctors perform simple, surgical and pediatric tooth extractions as well as wisdom teeth removal. Schedule a visit to Silverdale Dental Center for extractions!

Removing Hopeless Teeth

Simple extractions are performed when a tooth has erupted and is not cracked or fractured. Our doctors can remove the tooth by gently moving it back and forth with forceps until it loosens completely. Surgical extractions, however, require that the tooth be accessed via an incision in the gum tissue. Sedation dentistry is provided to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Specializing in Pediatric Extractions

Our pediatric dentist, Dr. Kaitlin Neste, takes special care with the smiles of your little ones. Primary teeth can be extracted and a dental appliance placed at the site to protect the space for permanent teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal to Prevent Bite Misalignment

Wisdom teeth do not necessarily need to be removed. In some cases they erupt normally, but for many of us, there simply is not enough room to accommodate these third molars that appear in the late teens to early twenties.

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